Marubun Research Promotion Foundation was established in 1997 with the aim of strengthening the industrial technology foundations both in Japan and abroad, and of contributing to the sound development of the Japanese economic society in harmony with the international community.

In order to establish the sustainable development base of the Japanese economy, it is vital to create new industries while proactively maintaining competitiveness, and proactively promote creative technology development. However, in recent years, it is said that the international competitiveness of Japanese industry is in a very difficult situation.

For Japan, which has various problems to overcome, such as the hollowing out of the industry, rapidly progressing declining birthrate and aging population, environmental energy issues, etc., in order to continue economic development in the future, creating excellent science technology and training excellent talents are essential.

Marubun Research Promotion Foundation will support international research activities through "Exchange Research Grant Project" and "Research Achievement Award Project" for young researchers at universities or national public research institutes and will make our best efforts to continue to contribute to the development of creative industrial technologies of next generation.

Toru Iino President, Marubun Research Promotion Foundation

Toru Iino
President, Marubun Research Promotion Foundation

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