Recognition of Research Achievements

Awards for research achievement (Marubun Academy Award and Marubun Research Encouragement Award) are to be presented to remarkable researches, or research achievements, which are expected to contribute to the advancement of science and technology and improvement of creative industrial technology that leads to the creation of the next generation of industries, or researchers, who are making remarkable progress in that respect. This award is intended for young researchers of any nationality, who belong to a Japanese university or a public research institution under the age of 40, engaged in the specified technical fields. Recommendation from the head of the institute the researcher belongs to is required for entry. We welcome recommendations of domestic or overseas researchers who are motivated to undertake creative researches and are expected to contribute to research exchange in the future. Winners will be selected strictly and fairly by the selection committee and will be approved by the Board of Directors of the foundation.

Award Details

Total Commendation
within 9 million yen
Number of Awards
Marubun Academic Award:
Certificate of Recognition, Prize (3 million yen) and Extra Prize: 1 case
Marubun Research Encouragement Awards:
Certificates of Recognition, Prizes (2 million yen / case) and Extra Prizes: 3 cases

The 24th (FY2020) selection target technical fields

  1. "Integrated Electronics" and "Information System Application"
  2. Optoelectronics
  3. "Advanced Devices" and "Materials and Systems"
  4. "Energy" and "Environmental Electronics"
  5. "Biotechnology" and "Medical Electronics"

Application Requirement

Application Method
Any individuals, who meet the following conditions, can apply for the awards. However, recommendation of department head, etc. is required.
Qualification Requirements
· One who belongs to a university or a public research institution
· One who is a domestic or overseas graduate student or young researcher
· One who is able to obtain recommendation from the head of department etc at the time of entry
Application Documents
Recommendation documents by the head of department etc
Entry Period
July 1, 2020 (Wed.) - October 30, 2020 (Fri.)
Result Announcement
By the end of January 2021 (presentation ceremony: March, 2021)

* Acceptance of all applications for FY2020 has been closed.

Candidate Recommendation Guide

Award Candidate Qualifications

Domestic or overseas researchers engaged in target technical fields, who meet the following conditions

[1] As of March 31, 2021, in principle, aged 40 or under 40 years
(The age limit will be reconsidered separately if there is a particular reason.)

[2] In principle, the research outcomes that fall under any of the following
1) Research that is expected to contribute to the field of science and industrial technology, with excellent academic discovery
2) Research that is expected to contribute to the field of science and industrial technology, which makes remarkable inventions in technology
3) Research that is expected to contribute to the advancement of science and industrial technology by solving important technical problems

Recommendation Procedure

[1] Recommender:
In principle, the head of the institution to which the candidate belongs as below, or an equivalent person
1) At the university, the department chief, the dean or the director of the research institute etc. (It can be a direct supervisor)
2) In public research institutes etc., the director of the research institution or the director of the research etc.

[2] Number of Recommendations:
One recommender can make one recommendation in principle.
(However, if a recommender made a recommendation in the previous year, the recommender can make up to 2 recommendations in the year.) (see remark)

[3] Recommendation Method:
Download and print "research achievement nomination candidate recommendation form" and submit it by mail to the secretariat division of the foundation together with media such as CD-ROM, DVD
(Submit both in hardcopy and electronic file. File formats of nomination, papers, literature etc. are limited to Microsoft Word or PDF , and sending them by e-mail is not acceptable.)

Download recommendation forms

* Acceptance of all applications for FY2020 has been closed.

Recommendation Reception Period

* Acceptance of all applications for FY2020 has been closed.

Selection Method

Candidates will be selected from among the applicants in this year (see remark) and previous year (see remark) by the selection committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Selection chairperson
Hiroyuki Sakaki
(Managing Director, Toyota School Foundation)
Vice chairperson
Yoshiji Horikoshi
(Emeritus Professor, Waseda University)
Selection committee members
Kunihiro Asada
(Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo)
Yasuhiko Arakawa
(Project Professor, Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, The University of Tokyo)
Ken Uchida
(Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
Teruo Ono
(Professor, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University)
Kotaro Kajikawa
(Professor, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Yusuke Mori
(Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)


  1. About this year's candidate
    If a candidate is not selected as a winner of this year, he/she will be carried over to the next fiscal year to be nominated again as a candidate for selection only once.
  2. As to the nominated candidates (excluding the winner) of the previous year, any changes including additional remarkable achievements, related personnel changes, and so forth may be taken into account for the year's selection. So please modify the previous year's recommendation form with the additional information and send it to the Foundation if necessary. If the changes are very remarkable and prominent, you may recommend the researcher as a new candidate for this fiscal year.

Result Notification and Presentation Ceremony

[1] Result Notification
By the end of January 2021 (to the recommender)
[2] Presentation Ceremony
March 2021 (Certificate, Prize and Extra Prize)

Research Report

The winners are requested to make a presentation about the research achievements in the presentation ceremony.

For the award winners in the past, Click here.

Address to send documents & Contact

Yoshinobu Murakoshi
Executive Director
Marubun Research Promotion Foundation
Address: 8-1, Nihonbashi Odenmacho, Chuo-ku, TOKYO 103-0011, JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-3661-1881    
FAX: +81-3-3808-2959
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